Imagine Your Athlete With NO Heel Pain!

Maybe you have no clue how to help your young athlete...

Or maybe you've been to doctors, physical therapists, and specialists with no help...

If you are SICK of seeing your athlete in pain...The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Heel Pain IS FOR YOU!

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No Heel Pain Would Be Amazing

How amazing would it be to see your athlete out there on the floor, vault, field, or court doing exactly what they love with absolutely NO PAIN?

YES! None of us want to see our athletes in pain.

For some of you, you have been looking for a solution for years and some of your athletes just started experiencing heel pain, but no matter where you are in your journey, your athlete can be pain free. 

If you fit into the following list, then this solution is for you: 

  • You feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked.
  • You don't have a plan to follow to make sure your athlete gets out of pain.
  • You really want to help your athlete get out of pain as soon as possible without medication.
  • Your athlete has been in a boot and they're still having pain as soon as they get back to any activity.

The Solution's Origin

My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, Author, Inventor, and Provider to Olympic, Professional, and Club level athletes throughout the world. I have the honor of working with some of the best and most elite athletes. 

When I first started working with gymnasts, Sever's disease (heel pain in children) was rampant throughout the gym and most of the athletes were told to just deal with it. I've even had parents tell me that their athlete has been dealing with heel pain for 1, 2, 3 and up to 5 years! I couldn't believe that young athletes were dealing with this for so long and there was no real solution that addressed this pain. 

This is why I developed the The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Heel Pain, and because it's based on science, athletes started seeing their heel pain go away...FOR GOOD! Many times it never came back. 

This is what I want for you and your athlete. I want your athlete's pain gone. So if you're ready, click the button below and let's get started together. Don't wait another day, your athlete deserves to do what they love without pain.

Why The Solution Works

I found that most providers, therapists, and coaches didn't know how to create a system to eliminate the pain. Many times, they'd get pieces of it right, but then they didn't know how to get your athlete back practicing, or maybe they put the athlete in a boot and it felt better until they got back out there punching the floor and the pain came rushing back!

That's why we've found these 5 key components to the Heel Pain Elimination Guide to be essential if you want to get your athlete back as soon as possible:

  1. Decrease pain immediately, and keep addressing pain multiple times per day.
  2. Increase range of motion throughout the ankles which relieves pressure on the heel.
  3. Relax the tight muscles throughout the calves to decrease tension on the heel bone.
  4. Support the arches to give the athlete better movement and an immediate relief of pain so they can get back to practicing pain free.
  5. Have a progressive solution so the pain never returns!

What You Can Expect For Your Athlete


Remember, bone pain is one of the worse pains a human can experience and Sever's disease is real pain. 

This solution will help you eliminate your athlete's pain very quickly so they don't have to suffer. It's just not worth it.

Eliminate Your Athlete's Pain

Get Back ASAP!

Your athlete doesn't want to be sitting on the sideline and you don't want them there either! 

We have a scientific based protocol that uses techniques which allow 80% of athletes to return to their sport PAIN FREE, and 100% of athletes to return to their sport with some elimination of their pain.

Let's Get Back to Practice!

Better Performance

When an athlete is pain free and has increased mobility in a joint, you can expect to see them improve in their sport. 

This is a real life expectation that all of our professional and Olympic level athletes have from our training, and your athlete can expect the same increased performance.

Increase My Athlete's Performance

What's Included with The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Your Athlete's Heel Pain?

  • The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Your Athlete's Heel Pain Video Instructions which gives you the step-by-step plan so you can get started implementing the protocol today!
  • Each Individual Component Video Instruction, including more in depth instruction so you and your athlete never get lost. The individual videos guide you step-by-step to make sure you're doing the protocol the right way every time.
  • Follow Along Quick Tip Instruction Sheet To Download & Print, so you can have an offline version of the protocol to hang on the fridge, or your athlete's door so they remember how and what to do.
  • Why Is My Athlete Experiencing Heel Pain Video so you can understand what is happening in your athlete's body and can understand why they are in so much pain. This also gives an in-depth step-by-step explanation of the Heel Pain Elimination Protocol.

Why Pay Hundred's of Dollars, When You Have A Proven Resource Right Here?

If you've been dealing with heel pain for some time, or if you're just getting started, Sever's disease (heel pain) can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to treat. It will also take a significant amount of your time running around to doctor and therapist appointments.

Here's what you can expect going the traditional route: 

  • Initial Doctor's Visit at Primary Care: $150
  • 6-8 Physical Therapy Office Visits: $600-800
  • Walking boot: $60 on Amazon, $150 from Doctor's Office
  • Your Time, Gas, Missed Athletic Events, Missed Work: More than you want to pay!!!

But if you're ready to do it the right way, our Heel Pain Elimination Video Guide is only $19.99


All too often, heel pain returns over and over again, because your athlete is still going to be doing the exact same things that got them in pain in the first place. 

We need to have a plan and a strategy that will help them not only eliminate their pain, but keep it from coming back in the future. 

That's why, as a special bonus, we've included our very special Ankle Stretching & Mobility Video that is a follow along daily mobility routine to make sure heel pain never returns. 

Once your athlete watches, and follows along with this video a few times, they'll be ready to easily implement the stretches and mobility at home or at the gym.



There's absolutely no risk to trying out the protocol because we have an absolute, 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason at all, email me directly and let me know. 

There will be no hassle, questions, or justification...just ask. You'll keep the resources you downloaded for use in the future.

We're THAT confident in our Heel Pain Elimination Protocol...we want to give you peace of mind and don't want anything holding you back from getting started today! 


What Others Have Said About The Heel Pain Protocol

"My daughter has been suffering with this for 6 weeks. She is a cheerleader and could barely jump or tumble. It was worse each week despite heel cups, compression braces, Motrin(way too often), and finally a boot. We tried your protocol and her severs has improved 75% in 1 week. Thank you for putting this video on-line! I will share with others."

~Kim, mom of a cheerleader

"I can't thank you enough of what you have done. Thank you so much for this. I am a rough hockey player and I get this all the time. I had to quit some games because of this. With your video I was sooooooooo happy of what it did. Like i said THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Taylor, a hockey player

"Anyway, I really appreciate the work that you do.  When my daughter was a level 4 she was having heel pain and the protocol helped her so much.  The issue resolved and hasn't bothered her since."

~Brian, father of a gymnast

"Thanks a lot for this protocol. My 8 year old had sever's (diagnosed by doc) and I did this treatment daily for him for a couple of weeks. His heel pain has completely cured now!"

~Josef, father of an athlete


Heel pain doesn't just go away, and not only does it not go away on it's own, many times it gets worse. Excruciatingly worse. Parents have called me crying and asking if I had any help to give them because their child was in so much pain.


So here's the deal, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars to make this happen. You get our protocol for only $19.99. You get the 30 day money back guarantee plus you get the Ankle Stretching & Mobility Video so you can keep the pain from coming back in the future. 

Your doctor isn't going to give a guarantee, but then again, he isn't the world's leading expert when it comes to eliminating your athlete's heel pain. I am. And I guarantee that if you follow our Heel Pain Elimination Guide, IT WILL WORK, or I'll give you your money back. 

Don't wait. Your athlete is in pain and they need your help and your willingness to take the next step to make this happen. Click the button below and get started today. I'll be your guide to helping you eliminate your athlete's heel pain.


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