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Getting Your Body & Your Immune System Ready for COVID-19


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It was pretty brutal, but I made it through!

Yep, I had COVID-19 and I had all the talked about symptoms:

  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Taste & Smell, GONE

Overall, I was entirely blessed because I didn't have shortness of breath. That was the only one I was not looking forward too. 

When I listed Exhaustion above, let me tell you, it was no joke! I could make it until about 1 pm and then I would just pass out. After about 2 days I stopped trying to fight it and just went with it and that helped a lot.

In today's video, we're going over how to really maximize your immune system so you're ready, as best as possible to take on COVID-19. 

Let's get ready to rumble and really beat this thing!

Full Transcript

Dr. Joshua Eldridge (00:04):
Hey, what's going on. My name's Rr. Joshua Eldridge, and I am excited to be here with you now. I just got done with a case of COVID-19 going...

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Let's Stay Fueled This New Year: Athlete Nutrition Ready From Day One


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Why We Plan 

Planning is not for perfection, it's for priority. ~Dr. Joshua Eldridge

We don't plan nutrition because every day we're going to be perfect. We plan nutrition to make sure that each day we prioritize nutrition in our family's lives. We want to give them the best possible chance for success, and we do that by giving them great quality food, day in and day out.

Studies have shown that children that get the right meals at the right time, not only do better in school, they also do better in their sport. 

So when we think about doing nutrition right, we do it because we have big ambitions for our kids.

You Have To Have Big Ambitions For 2020

When you set up your goals for 2020, don't just think of it as another's not. It's the biggest year of your life. Make a commitment to yourself and to your family that it's going to be your BEST...

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Your 2020 Athlete Nutrition Start Guide


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Listen or Download This Week's Podcast:


Are you excited about setting up your nutrition and health goals for you and your family for 2020, BUT...

You just don't know exactly what to do?!?

Or maybe you're ready to level up your nutrition goals this new year and you need a plan. You're in the right place as today we're walking you through how to be successful with nutrition in 2020 for your athlete. 

Understand The Importance

How important is nutrition to your athlete's health and wellbeing? 

It's absolutely critical! It's the base, along with Rest & Recovery, to building a strong and solid athlete that can stand the test of time. Without a solid base, your athlete will be subject to a greater risk of injury and lower levels of energy. 

Your athlete is growing and changing, and to leave them without the nutrients they need to succeed is dangerous. 

Get Them What They Need


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2 Step Nutrition Success Formula For Your Busy Family


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Have you ever wanted to feed your family the right food, but not even make it a whole week before winding up back in the fast food line? Maybe you know how important it is to get great quality food into your athlete, but you don't take the time to write down what's on the plan for this week?

Not making nutrition a priority is extremely common and it's why so many of our athlete's are struggling to progress, and to stay healthy. 

Here's our success formula to make sure your mindset surrounding nutrition is right on track!

1. Get Ultra-Focused On The Importance Of Nutrition

What we focus our attention on becomes our priority. Not only is nutrition vitally important to your athlete's health, proper nutrition will make your athlete a better student. It will also give them the energy they need to be amazing when playing their sport. 

You have to decide...

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The Basics for Your Athlete: Your Nutrition Start Guide


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What are the basics you need to be successful in nutrition?

Are you overwhelmed with feeding your athlete? Not sure if you’re doing it right? Maybe you know that you could definitely do better, but not sure where to start? Well you’re in the right place, because I want to share the basics so you can get on track and know for sure you are giving your athlete exactly what they need.

It DOESN”T have to be complicated, but it DOES matter what your athlete eats. Food fuels their bodies, and if they aren’t eating QUALITY whole foods, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Let’s start with WHAT TO EAT:

The 3 main things you need to focus on are CARBOHYDRATES, FATS, and PROTEINS. These are the macronutrients of their diets. (We don’t need to focus on micronutrients right now, if the quality of their food is great, they will be getting what they need)


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Make School Nutrition Amazing For Your Athlete



Are you looking to make your athlete’s school day the best possible experience ever? 

I bet you didn’t even think about this, but it absolutely starts with nutrition and feeding them the right things, so let’s make sure they are eating what their body needs for success!

It’s definitely going to take some time to get your athlete on track, and it might mean you have to make slow changes over time, but you can do it!

Give Them The Good Stuff

At the Sports Performance Academy, we always look at making sure we have the best macronutrients that we can afford. Here’s what each macronutrient does, and how it best fuels your athlete’s body:

  1. Carbohydrates- they fuel the brain! If your athlete isn’t eating really great carbohydrates, their brain isn’t going to have the energy that it needs to be able to learn. This goes for their sport too, they need carbs to be able to think through complex processes and perform well.
  2. Fats- up to...
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What Do Your Athlete's Cravings Really Mean?



Have you ever had your athlete get in the car after practice and say, "Mom, I'm craving a hamburger!"

I have! That just happened to me 2 days ago after a hard run. I was craving chocolate and it was almost all I could think about.

These cravings are really important for our athletes because it's their brain telling them something their body needs. Maybe it's the muscles saying they need more of something, or maybe it's an essential mineral they're lacking.

Young athletes are still very in tune with what their bodies need and it's important that we not ignore these cravings. Cravings can give us great insight into what our athletes need.

Here's what is most important though... Just because your athlete is craving something, doesn't mean we need to end up in a drive through getting less than quality food.

If they're craving a hamburger, make a delicious one at home with grass fed beef. If they're craving a taco, make them a chicken or fish taco at home. If they want...

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Why Is Recovery So Important For Your Athlete?



Why Is Recovery So Important?

When we don’t get recovery right, our athletes have a big decrease in energy. I see it in the gym and get emails all the time about overuse injuries (heel pain, knee pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, lower back pain, etc.) which are all due to not recovering properly.

When we see recovery become a priority, all sorts of great things that happen!

1. Cells are able to store energy, which will give them lots of energy for the next practice

2. Their body will have the ability to adapt to training and go even above where they were at the start of training

3. Less anxiety, more mentally strong when they are getting fully recovered between practices

The biggest part of recovery (and the base of the Athletic Pyramid) is Nutrition and Hydration, eating the right foods at the right times, and hydrating.

The next step up on the pyramid and The BIGGEST Takeawayfrom this video: SLEEP

If under the age of 12, they NEED 10-12 hours of sleep EACH NIGHT


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3 Super Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Smaller Athletes Get Enough Food To Fuel Their Sport



This video came up from our Nutrition = Performance Seminar when a young athlete went to her coach after the seminar and asked, "Coach, how do I eat this much food?!?"

That's a great question and one that I never thought of for a young athlete. We definitely don't want your athlete getting overwhelmed and we want to give you as parents great strategies to help your athletes eat the best food.

So how do we get great food into our athlete's diet? We've identified 3 points and here they are:

  1. Encourage your athlete
  2. Use high-density foods like superfoods
  3. Be creative

We also want to make sure we add all of these ideas into our Road Map to Success. The Road Map makes sure we eat throughout the day, and when you implement the Road Map, the rest of this will be easy!

1. Encourage Your Athlete, Never Force

If you're just starting this whole road to amazing nutrition, your athlete might not yet be convinced that this is the best way forward for them, so it's always best to encourage...

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Live Question and Answer with Dr. Joshua Eldridge

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Each and every time we do a Nutrition = Performance Seminar with our athletes, Dr. Josh spends time answering all of their questions.

This is amazing because you get to learn exactly what your athlete is thinking about nutrition, but also about performance as a whole.

The great thing is they are a little different each time.

We wanted to share this with you so you can get some great information in a bit of a different!

Here are some of the questions:
- Health benefits to vegan vs. vegetarian diets
- How much water do we need each day?
- Why do we need to sleep?
- What do you eat every day?
- Can we have ice cream every day?
- Can we still eat junk food?
- and a few more!

Here's the best part about nutrition: When we eat the right food at the right time, we see our athletes be able to do amazing things both in the gym (or on the field, court, or diamond) and in life!

If you don't know...

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