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Injuries are already starting, can we stop them together?


I saw a post this week from a collegiate and Olympic athlete showing her leg after she tore her Achilles on vault this week...and I thought, sadly for her it's too late, but it's not too late for our Sports Performance family!

Major sports injuries happen far too often. I've witnessed a lot of them, and trust me, you don't want one to happen to your athlete.

But what do we do to prevent them? How do we stop them?

Many of you know we have a program called the Sports Performance Academy. We help parents and athletes succeed through nutrition, performance, and recovery in sport, and by building habits that last a lifetime.

Each month, I do live training on an important component of being an athlete and this month we're going over injury prevention. Here's the title: 

5 Critical Steps To Keep Your Athlete Injury Free This Season

We have thousands of team members on our email list, and I don't want ONE of you or your athletes to suffer an injury this year...this is how important...

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Why are your athletes getting Overuse Injuries?


Do you have an athlete that is experiencing heel pain? How about knee pain? Or what about hip pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain or wrist pain?

Unless there was a serious injury that undoubtedly created this pain, these are all types of overuse injuries. These are SO common in sports, so what’s the reason?

WHY is this happening?

Let’s take a look at our “athletic pyramid” to get some answers…


  1. They’re not getting the right nutrition and hydration. They may be deficient in something like a mineral or some micronutrients, they might not be drinking enough water, or maybe they just aren’t eating enough great quality food. The problem is, this slows down recovery and there isn’t enough time between practices to get back to their base line. It becomes a downward spiral that leads directly to overuse injuries.
  2. They’re not getting enough rest. I may sound like a broken record, but...
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Former Gymnast, Coach, and Exercise Scientist Hannah Kraby

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Welcome to episode 37 of the Gymnast Care podcast. My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge, your host for today’s show.

Some of the things you’re going to learn in today’s episode are why movement is so critical, what a gymnast wishes she knew when she was in gymnastics and ways to optimize performance and protect from injury through proper and great movement.

Today is a very special show because we have one of my former gymnasts, who started as a gymnast, and has now become a gymnastics coach, and is getting ready to graduate with her degree in exercise physiology.

She was a sponge when I would come to her gym and give a seminar on jumping and landing, core control, and nutrition, and now, she’s a second-generation Gymnast Care Provider, passing amazing information on to the third generation of gymnasts and this is so much fun for me.

So my special guest's name is Hannah Kraby and we’re...

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Dr. Joshua Eldridge on Heel Pain and Knee Pain in Gymnasts

As our special guest listening to this episode, I'd love to give you a free gift. You can download our Knee Pain Quick Tip Sheet or our Heel Pain Protocol Quick Tip Sheet. Just click below on your choice:

  1. Heel Pain Protocol Quick Tip Sheet
  2. Knee Pain Quick Tip Sheet

Gymnast Care Podcast Episode 36

Welcome to Episode 36 of the Gymnast Care Podcast. It’s been a while since our last podcast, but we’re excited to be back here for what we’re calling Season 3.

To start off January 2019, we’re giving away our Amazon Best Selling book, Because She’s Worth It: A Nutritional Guide for Parents with daughters. Click here to get your free copy of Because She's Worth It for FREE! In the past, we’ve given away the digital copy, but this giveaway is the actual hard copy of the book which so many people have found amazing help with. The only thing we ask you to help with is the shipping and handling at 5.99.

One of the other cool things we’re doing...

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Dr. Dave Tilley and His New Book on Gymnastics Performance

Find Dr. Dave Tilley's New Book By Clicking Here. Welcome to The Gymnast Care Podcast Episode 35 with Dr. Dave Tilley as we discuss his new book and improving gymnastics performance. Here are some great tidbits from his book:

"Utilizing more parts of the body to spread out load theoretically helps to take excessive strain o of any one point. It also does not place all of the workload for creating and absorbing force on the lower back musculature. Utilizing more of the entire kinetic chain compared to relying on certain areas to do all the work is our goal. It’s a simple distinction – exaggerating the lower back extension vs. a “spread out” extension – but this same concept also leads to a very important point related to optimizing performance and power."
There's a ton of great information in this book so make sure you check it out...Here's the link again: Shift Movement Science Education Series Book
***All content was reproduced with permission...
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Coaching The Smart Route with Olympian Wendy Bruce

Welcome to Episode 20 of the Gymnast Care Podcast! Today we have none other than the amazing, talented, and decorated Olympian, Wendy Bruce! Wendy Bruce is our first Olympian that has joined us on the podcast and what an interview it was! Our favorite quote from Wendy in this session is this: When it comes to coaching, take THE SMART ROUTE! Read on to find out more about Wendy...

Contact Wendy Bruce

Wendy is amazingly personable and approachable. If you need to get a hold of her, or talk to her about mental coaching, you can do it here: Website: Email: [email protected]

Wendy's favorite book for gymnasts and coaches: In Pursuit of Excellence (click here to check it out on Amazon)

During the interview, we went through a speed round with are some of the answers:

Favorite Competition: 1989 Worlds

Favorite leo: As a kid, Wendy wore a Shamoo leo that she absolutely loved!

Favorite pre-competition food: Grilled chicken sandwich...

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Recovery, Adaptation and The Right Work in the Gym with Dr. Bill Sands

If you have a big ego and get your feelings hurt quickly, then this podcast is probably not for you!

There's no swearing or dumb stuff, just hardcore and to the point information that will make you a better parent, coach, and gymnast.

As always, Dr. Sands does not disappoint when he comes on the Gymnast Care Podcast. He takes gymnastics to the next level for our audience every time he joins us. Some of the science below sounds boring, but Dr. Sands gives us the straight scoop in his manner and it will rock your world!

So What's Inside?

In Episode 33, Dr. Sands discusses his new theories on recovery and adaption. We all know that recovery is our body's ability to return to pre-participation levels following practice or competition, but what is adaptation. Adaptation is the body's response to training that allows someone to improve in their body's ability to move through their sport. Adaptation increases strength, quickness, recovery ability, cardiovascular ability, neurological...

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Flame Retardants in Pit Foam Are DANGEROUS

Welcome back to another Gymnast Care Podcast Season 2, where we're welcoming Dr. Courtney Carignan, a Harvard researcher who specializes in environmental sciences.

Many of you remember Dr. Carignan from Episode 22 of the Gymnast Care Podcast where she explained the dangers of pit foam laced with flame retardants. 

She had published a paper showing the lasting effects of flame retardants in foam in gymnasts. In July, she published a follow-up study to the initial study that confirmed the harmful chemicals in the blood of gymnasts, and she showed that 89% of the gym's foam still contain dangerous chemicals!

89% of the gym's foam still contains dangerous chemicals!

So What Do We Do About This?

So then the question comes up, what do we do about this? Dr. Carignan suggests 3 points to protect your gymnasts:

  1. Gymnasts should WASH their hands before they eat
  2. Take a SHOWER when you get home from the gym
  3. REPLACE the pit foam in your gym with pit foam that does not contain...
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Change Your Gym with Eric Van der Meer

Welcome to the first episode of Season 2 on the Gymnast Care Podcast!

So what happens when an owner buys into performance and injury prevention 100%? His whole gym culture changes and his gymnasts see injury prevention as "what we do." When the coach skips a day of prehab or warmups, the gymnasts are the ones that get onto the coach to get back to the right activities. Imagine that!

Welcome Eric Van der Meer

Eric Van de Meer brings a brand new perspective on the culture of the gym and shows us how to see a big change in your gym. Eric is a visionary and has been interested in protecting gymnasts since he had his first elite at a National Competition over 20 years ago. 

We discussed how he implemented the Gymnastics Revolution Seminar philosophy and saw very few injuries this year. We also talked about the importance of nutrition and how Eric saw an immediate change after he hosted the Nutrition = Performance Seminar in his gym.

Favorite Tidbits

Eric gets deep into how the...

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We're Talking About A Revolution

On today's show we're welcoming back Dr. Dave Tilley and we're talking about some great content.

There is gold packed in this session.

Drs. Dave and Josh get deep in this session on what are favorite topics are from the Revolution, and they drop some incredible information that you can start using in the gym today!

Don't miss out on this amazing podcast and head over the to sign up for your spot!

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