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Injuries are already starting, can we stop them together?


I saw a post this week from a collegiate and Olympic athlete showing her leg after she tore her Achilles on vault this week...and I thought, sadly for her it's too late, but it's not too late for our Sports Performance family!

Major sports injuries happen far too often. I've witnessed a lot of them, and trust me, you don't want one to happen to your athlete.

But what do we do to prevent them? How do we stop them?

Many of you know we have a program called the Sports Performance Academy. We help parents and athletes succeed through nutrition, performance, and recovery in sport, and by building habits that last a lifetime.

Each month, I do live training on an important component of being an athlete and this month we're going over injury prevention. Here's the title: 

5 Critical Steps To Keep Your Athlete Injury Free This Season

We have thousands of team members on our email list, and I don't want ONE of you or your athletes to suffer an injury this year...this is how important...

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Why are your athletes getting Overuse Injuries?


Do you have an athlete that is experiencing heel pain? How about knee pain? Or what about hip pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain or wrist pain?

Unless there was a serious injury that undoubtedly created this pain, these are all types of overuse injuries. These are SO common in sports, so what’s the reason?

WHY is this happening?

Let’s take a look at our “athletic pyramid” to get some answers…


  1. They’re not getting the right nutrition and hydration. They may be deficient in something like a mineral or some micronutrients, they might not be drinking enough water, or maybe they just aren’t eating enough great quality food. The problem is, this slows down recovery and there isn’t enough time between practices to get back to their base line. It becomes a downward spiral that leads directly to overuse injuries.
  2. They’re not getting enough rest. I may sound like a broken record, but...
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3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Athlete Through Puberty



Puberty can be an extremely difficult time for your athlete.

Their body is changing. There are hormones coursing through their body, and sometimes, you might even think an alien came and replaced your child with a totally different person!

On top of this, there is also a greater risk for injury because of all the changes that are taking place.

Because of the changes, this is the time that we have to get back to the basics and continue building a strong foundation. If your athlete hasn't yet gone through puberty, then getting the foundation solid is where you need to start.

1. Remember The Athlete Pyramid

The Athlete Pyramid allows us to focus on what's most important for our athletes.

With the change in appearance to your athlete, there is also a change in physics as they move in the gym, on the field, or on the court. We can't control this change in body shape and size, but we can control our athlete's foundation which is Nutrition & Hydration and Rest & Recovery.

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