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Taking Care of Business with Dr. David Tilley, Part 1

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Dr. Dave Tilley updated his website and business name and you can now find him at

Welcome back to another episode of the Gymnast Care Podcast! Today we get into a discussion with Dr. David Tilley from We have an amazing chat on some of the best ways that you can protect your gymnast from injury.

Hybrid Perspective

Dave has an amazing perspective because he is both a coach, and a physical therapist. You'll see how these two views can conflict with each other and then you can see how he makes sure his gymnasts are not only the best coached gymnasts, but also the strongest and most skilled. Part 2 will be available in the second week of May 2014!

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I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about this episode! Make sure you leave a comment below if you enjoyed and let us know your thoughts!    

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Knee Pain in Young Gymnasts

Welcome to the Gymnast Care Podcast where we talk about the most important ways to protect your gymnasts from injury! In today's episode we cover knee pain in young gymnasts.

Knee's are the hinge between the floor and the core and when used improperly can cause many devastating and painful injuries. Injuries in young gymnasts include Osgood-Schlatters disease, Sinding-Larsen-Johansson syndrome, and patellar tendonitis.

As gymnast get older, knee injuries can include more permanent injuries like an ACL tear, meniscal damage, or other ligament tear. 

We need to teach right biomechanics now so injuries do not occur in the future.

Links from Today's Podcast

The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries Overuse Knee Injuries Post (tons of info here on this subject)

Episode 6, Dr. Bill Sands (Should be mandetory listening for gymnastics coaches and parents)


Tweet: We think that in gymnastics are athletes are above the rules and laws of nature and physics (click to Tweet)


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Concussions in Gymnastics

Since the publishing of this podcast in 2014, there has been a 5th International Conference on Concussion in Sport in Berlin in 2017 with no recommendations. Please use this link to access the British Journal of Sports Medicine updated information on concussion.

We do expect another conference on concussion in 2020. 

Welcome back to another session of the Gymnast Care Podcasts. Today we get into the care and treatment of concussions in gymnasts. Just like other sports, gymnastics has a high potential for gymnasts to experience concussions and other head injuries.

4th International Concussion Consensus

During the podcast, Dr. Joshua Eldridge got deep into the Consensus statement on concussion in sport: the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, November 2012 (Click here to download PDF) We've also developed a specific return to play criteria for gymnasts and it can be found in the Gymnast Care Book on Injuries. Found out more here: ...

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Building Relationships with David Benzel

In this episode of the Gymnast Care Podcast, we've brought on a leader in family-sport relationships, David Benzel.

David's desire is to build incredibly strong bonds between parents and their child athletes. Many times parents stress this relationship, or they don't understand what their actions might be doing to their relationship.

This episode instructs parents on how they should be acting and what things they need to do to build strong relationships at home. This is a must listen to episode if you want to build a special relationship with your child athletes.

Resources from David Benzel

Building Champions for Life, David's Website David's Free Monthly Webinar on USA Gym Club (USA Gymnastics site)

David's Book Recommendation

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

Tweetables from The Podcast

Not all praise is created equal (Click here to Tweet)

Females perform better if they FEEL special, Males perform to FEEL special (Click to Tweet)

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Lee Bjella On A Judge's Perspective

Judge Lee has passed away on March 20, 2016. I hope this podcast serves as a great reminder that life is short and we must cherish the memories we make each and every day. 

Judge Lee loved God, her family, her friends, and gymnastics. 

Judge Lee Bjella judging the Big 12 Championships.

Judge Lee Bjella joins us today for an amazing perspective on protecting gymnasts from injury. We don't often get to hear from this side of the table, but Judge Lee is incredibly concerned with protecting gymnasts.

Over the years, she has had many questions for Dr. Joshua Eldridge, and she brings them here to the podcast so she can help you understand the judging perspective, and how this molds protection of gymnasts.


One of the major topics we get into is how should gymnasts be landing. We mentioned several resources and here the are:

Landing Error Scoring System by Dr. Darin Padua (pdf slide deck)

The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries

The Gymnast Care Podcast with Dr. Bill Sands


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Your Questions Answered Podcast

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Gymnast Care Podcast! We are excited you've joined us on our journey to protect gymnasts from injury. Gymnastics is a difficult sport and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to protect your gymnast. Here's the questions from this listener generated podcast:

Question #1

I'm a women's artistic coach and mainly coach pre-pubescent girls. We're generally quite low on injuries but do have some nagging heel pain, some weak ankles and lower back posture issues. Any advice to deal with these would be great, but I'm interested in general advice as well.

Question #2

I have a 10 year level 8 gymnast who is struggling with hip and hamstring pain. We have iced it and are seeing a chiropractor who uses active release treatments and it seems to be helping. She also has had heel pain in the past and sat out 6 weeks- I wish I had known this information a year ago! I have shared it with several of her teammates parents.

Question #3...

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Recover Like an Olympian

Recover LIke an Olympian

In this session of the Gymnast Care Podcast, we go over the best ways to recover!

The Gymnast Care Podcast on iTunes

We also discuss the results of not recovering properly, and the amazing phenomenon that occurs when athletes do recover properly!

Here are some of the links we discussed:

We also have our webinar presentation right here: The Gymnast Care Recovery Webinar

If you have a question on recovery, leave it in the show notes below! We'd love to answer your question both here and on the podcast!

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Dr. Dave Tilley and Prehab for Gymnasts

Dr. Tilley's website: Shift Movement Science

dr dave copy

In Session 7 of the Gymnast Care Podcast, we sit down with Dr. David Tilley. Dr. Tilley has implemented prehab in his gym.

Prehab concentrates on preventing injuries before they begin.

From his beginnings as a gymnast to his education that has brought him to the point of realizing the importance of protecting the gymnasts body, Dr. Tilley's journey is remarkable and his ideas on preventing injury are great.

Show Notes

Below are some of our notes from the show. Leave a comment below if you have a question for us or Dr. Tilley. 

Dr. Tilley's Favorite Books

Spark by John Grady

Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Gymnastics (Olympic Handbook Of Sports Medicine)Sports Medicine Handbook for Gymnastics by Dennis Caine

Here's some of what was talked about in this session:

"It's impressive what gymnasts do daily that we see on TV!"

Some of the people that have influenced Dr. Tilley's work: Gray Cook, Functional Movement "If you can...

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The EPIC Dr. Bill Sands Podcast

Dr. Bill Sands

dr bill sands

In Session 6 of the Gymnast Care Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Bill Sands and discuss his history in the sport of gymnastics, from the beginnings when he taught himself how to do gymnastics, through college, and the start of his coaching career at Mid America Twisters.

We then get into the meat of this podcast talking about how to protect your gymnast through proper biomechanics, strength training, and recovery.

To get in touch with Dr. Sands by email: [email protected]

Book Recommendations from Dr. Sands: Here's one of Dr. Sands Book Recommendations from Amazon.

Here's a timeline of the great information in Dr. Sands interview:

Why Gymnasts Experience Sever's Disease and Achilles Issues

13:15 What's going on when gymnasts punch the floor? 15:00 What forces are younger gymnasts experiencing?

15:30 Is the spring floor bad for young gymnasts? Is it tuned properly?

16:30 Are younger gymnasts experiencing injury because they have weakness?

18:00 Why the...

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The Heel Pain Podcast

Our Heel Pain focus continues this week with this brand new podcast on heel pain!

Another one of the major injuries that we cover in the Gymnast Care Book on Injuries, Heel Pain or Sever's Disease can be devastating for young athletes.

In this podcast, we cover 3 questions:

  1. What is Sever's disease?
  2. Why do gymnasts suffer from Sever's disease?
  3. What is the best protocol to treat Sever's disease?


Here is our epic post on Sever's disease:

We also talked about The X Brace which you can find on Amazon by clicking here.

This entire protocol is found in the Gymnast Care Book on Injuries and you can find it on here: Book on Injuries on Amazon

The digital copy of the Book on Injuries, Video Edition can be found here: Book on Injuries Digital + Videos

Thanks for joining us! Leave a comment below if you have a questions!

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