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What It's Like to Raise an Elite Gymnast with Maile and Tori O'Keefe

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gymnasts of all ages, may I present to you, the one, the only...

Maile O'Keefe

This weeks episode is Maile and her mom Tori talking about what it's like to raise an elite gymnast! After a 13 place all around at the US Secret Classic 2015, She's set up perfect for the P&G Championships, and a long career ahead!

Once in awhile there comes along a pretty fantastic athlete that you get to make a personal connection with, and Maile is one of those athletes for me.

Maile's mom Tori called me about 2 years ago because Maile was having heel pain and they were at their wit's end. So after following the Gymnast Care Heel Pain Protocol and using The X Brace, she was pain-free and back to full-time gymnastics.

In this episode of the Gymnast Care Podcast we get into training, nutrition, and Maile's plans for the future...and about halfway in, Maile drops a bomb that blew me away!

Maile is actually the first elite gymnast to wear my invention, The X Brace, in...

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Warm-Up for Gymnasts

Welcome back to the 23 installment of the Gymnast Care Podcast!

Today, we've teamed up with Dr. Dave Tilley to bring you expert information on warming up your gymnast. What are some of the things covered in this podcast? Check it out to learn more...

  • What's the purpose a warm-up
  • What happens when you warm-up the body
  • Phase 1: Mobility Work
  • Phase 2: Core and Activation
  • Phase 3: Preparing the Body to Accept Load

Then towards the end, we get into your questions and there were some great ones!

We also talked about the Gymnastics Revolution.

And, if you have questions, make sure you leave them in the comments below!

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Explaining the Dangers of Foam Pits with Dr. Courtney Carignan

A few weeks ago Gymnast Care published an article by Dr. William Sands and Dr. Courtney Carignan entitle Are Foam Blocks Dangerous To Gymnasts?

If you want to get caught up on the information, read it by clicking here: Are Foam Blocks Dangerous To Gymnasts?

This article created quite a stir. (By quite a stir, threats were leveled at Gymnast Care and our own Dr. Joshua Eldridge by very closed-minded and insecure individuals!)

So we thought it might be a good idea to find out what the deal is from the expert on flame retardants in foam. Do they pose a threat to our young gymnasts?

So What Are The Dangers of Flame Retardants in Foam?

That's why we did this podcast. We wanted you as the Gymnast Care Community to be educated on what the dangers might be. Is it serious? Are there potential harms? Let's find out!

What's in Your Foam?

Dr. Carignan has started a website that will help you and your gym find out what's in your foam at your gym. How awesome is that! Check out Dr....

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Fear, Confidence, and Progression in Gymnasts with Dr. Chriss Carr

Dr. Chris Carr is a Sports Psychologist at St. Vincent's Sports Performance Center in Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. Carr has been a featured speaker at USA Gymnastics National Congress and has worked with many collegiate and professional sports teams including his current position as the Indiana Pacers Sports Psychologist.

So What does all of this experience mean to me?

Great question!

This is one of the most informative podcasts we have done! Parents, Coaches, and Gymnasts will learn to understand each other and increase their performance in every aspect of their lives!

Dr. Carr is to sports psychology what Dr. Bill Sands is to recover, training, and gymnastics research! This podcast will change the way you talk and think about your gymnast's career!

Session 21 Resources

St. Vincent Sports Performance Site

Contact Dr. Carr

Positive Coaching Alliance

Michigan State University Institute for the Study of Youth Sports  

Got a question for Dr. Carr? Leave it...

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Are Foam Blocks Dangerous To Gymnasts? By Drs. Bill Sands and Courtney Carignan

Update July 2016: Dr. Carignan has released a follow up study that can be found here. This confirms the initial thoughts found here in this post. 

An Open Letter to Gymnastics by Dr. Sands

Dr. Bill Sands has submitted this article for Gymnast Care to publish and he has written an open letter to the gymnastics community. Please read the letter first below.

The article below is a great article and deserves much consideration. Consider sending a sample of your foam in...see the last paragraph for more details.

Thanks for joining us for another Gymnast Care special on protecting gymnast's health.

Flame Retardants and Gymnastics Foam

Written by William Sands, PhD, of the FIG Scientific Commission and Courtney Carignan, PhD, Harvard University.

Edited and endorsed by all members of the FIG Scientific Commission

A recent study on the presence of flame retardant chemicals in gymnasts’ blood showed relatively high levels of a brominated flame retardant chemical mixture,...

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Gymnastics, Dance, and Intelligent Bodies

Over the past 4 years that Gymnast Care has been working with gymnasts, there have been very few coaches that have had ideas that have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about gymnastics.

Brad Garner has the potential to change our sport. In Session 19 of the Gymnast Care Podcast, we get into some great conversation that will change the way you will talk and coach your gymnasts! This is a must listen podcast, so click here to get the whole scoop!

Getting More from Your Gymnasts

One of the things we talk a lot about at Gymnast Care is getting more gymnastics learning out of the body without creating the stresses that come with excessive repetitions.

But how do we do this? How do we get the body to learn ways to protect itself without the repetitions?

Brad Garner, dance professor from the University of Oregon and gymnastics coach at National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Eugene, OR, uses Intelligent Movement to make sure his gymnasts have fun, become amazing...

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The Gymnast Care Health Round Table

This weeks episode is from the USA Gymnastics Washington Clinic on July 12, 2014.

At the Gymnast Care Health Round Table we had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Bill Sands, Dr. John O'Kane, and Dr. Monique Burton.

These amazing professionals are experts in their fields of medicine and sports performance, and they brought us amazing information that will protect your gymnasts from injury, and help them build habits that will last a lifetime!

Get In Contact with Our Experts

Dr. Bill Sands:

[email protected]

Click here to see Dr. Sands profile on LinkedIn

Dr. Monique Burton

[email protected]

Dr. John O'Kane

[email protected]

Wrap Up

If you liked today's session and you want to leave a comment or question, do it below in the comments! Thanks for joining us for another session of the Gymnast Care Podcast!

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Taking New Questions from Our Amazing Audience

Welcome back to another episode of the Gymnast Care Podcast.

Ask Dr. Josh!

This week we're taking questions from our Gymnast Care coaches and parents! We go over information on nutrition, recovery, where to find resources, and much more!

Resources for This Show

The Gymnast Care Podcast with Dr. Bill Sands

The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries

Sever's Disease Treatment for Gymnasts  

Leave us a question in the comments below if you want yours answered in a future episode!

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How Does A Company Protect Gymnasts with James Parent from TumblTrak

Welcome to another episode of the Gymnast Care Podcast!

Many of you use the Tumbl Trak everyday and this company is serious about protecting your gymnasts from injury by developing products that protect and decrease the impact on the body.

James Parent, now Vice President of TumblTrak, gets into TumblTrak's vision and the ways they promote health through their company initiatives. 

Show Notes and Links

Gymnast Care Podcast with Dr. Bill Sands

Visit the Tumbl Trak website by clicking here

GymCon USA

Education for Coaches on Tumbl Traks YouTube Channel

If you'd like to contact James Parent from Tumbl Trak his email is [email protected]

You can also leave him a question or comment in the comment section below...we would all love to hear from you! Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time, right here on the Gymnast Care podcast!  

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Taking Care of Business with Dr. Dave Tilley, Part 2

We're back with another amazing podcast with Dr. Josh and Dr. Dave Tilley.

Off Season Training for Gymnasts

This is the first public announcement of Dr. Josh's off season for gymnasts.

Most experts say that year round athletes in one sport need an off season. It's critical for them and in this episode, Dr. Josh gets into his own person opinion on what gymnasts need for an off season.

So join us for this podcast that dives deep into to training, recovery, and an off season!

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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