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Does Your Gymnast Leak When She Tumbles?


When a gymnast leaks during tumbling, running, jumping, or playing, it can be a sign of dysfunction of the pelvic floor.

Today, we sit down with Dr. Stephanie Fournier, a women's health expert, to discuss what the implications of leakage are.

Many times, this starts when our gymnasts are young, but creates big problems later in life including pain during intercourse, weak core, back pain, emotional trauma, and relationship problems.

This can also be a big problem for adult athletes as well. Stephanie even quotes one CrossFit coach as saying: If you're not leaking, you're not training hard enough. 

This of course was said by a male coach who knows nothing about women's health or female anatomy. Stephanie gets into why this strategy can create some big problems when it comes to female athletes' health.

She also delves deep into just what's happening and how to prevent this problem. Pelvic floor disorders can also create tightness in the muscles surrounding the hip...

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What if I Leak When I Tumble?

Welcome to a very special Gymnast Care Podcast! This is for you, the gymnast. We made this special podcast with Dr. Stephanie Fournier to help you understand what is happening in your body when you tumble.

Some times, when you tumble you leak, and it's fairly common in gymnastics for this to happen. There are many strategies that gymnasts do to try to prevent this like going to the bathroom right before tumbling, holding it in as best as possible, and not drinking water.

Get The Right Advice

We want to make sure you getting the right advice and that's where Stephanie comes in. She's an expert and she's worked with gymnasts just like you to help you protect your body and find strategies so you don't leak when you tumble.

She also has some great advice so you can talk to your coaches, your parents and your providers about this subject and not be embarrassed. I personally want you to feel confident in your body.

You only get one body, and we want you to have an amazing relationship...

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Change Your Gym with Eric Van der Meer

Welcome to the first episode of Season 2 on the Gymnast Care Podcast!

So what happens when an owner buys into performance and injury prevention 100%? His whole gym culture changes and his gymnasts see injury prevention as "what we do." When the coach skips a day of prehab or warmups, the gymnasts are the ones that get onto the coach to get back to the right activities. Imagine that!

Welcome Eric Van der Meer

Eric Van de Meer brings a brand new perspective on the culture of the gym and shows us how to see a big change in your gym. Eric is a visionary and has been interested in protecting gymnasts since he had his first elite at a National Competition over 20 years ago. 

We discussed how he implemented the Gymnastics Revolution Seminar philosophy and saw very few injuries this year. We also talked about the importance of nutrition and how Eric saw an immediate change after he hosted the Nutrition = Performance Seminar in his gym.

Favorite Tidbits

Eric gets deep into how the...

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Hip Stability Exercises for Athletes

athlete control hip stability Jul 30, 2016

Hip stability exercises are critical to help the body stabilize the hip during activities, and they are critical to protect the hip and back from injury. We get deep into this concept in our post entitled Are Your Gymnast's Hips Tight or in Pain?

Remember, start at the beginning with our Core Control and Breathing Exercises, then move to hip stability exercise progression found in this video here:

Hip Stability Exercises, Basics

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At Gymnast Care, we're extremely proud of brining you breaking news. 2 years ago, when no one wanted to touch this story, we broke the study that Dr. Carignan did that showed the dangers of pit foam. Here is Dr. Carignan's follow up study and it's even more intense than the first.

Dr. Carignan and I recorded a second podcast yesterday and we're excited to bring this to you as part of our Season 2 of the Gymnast Care Podcast (coming soon).

If your pit cubes have not yet been tested, get it done now. More information can be found on the Gymnast Collaborative Website.

Find out more at


As the summer Olympics get underway, a new study co-authored by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researchers reports that popular gymnastics training equipment contains mixtures of flame-retardant chemicals that have been linked to increased risks of ADHD, cancer and brain development delays.

The study, published online in the...

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Core Control and Breathing

athlete core gymnast Jun 30, 2016

Core control is one of the most important things you can master as an athlete and gymnast to protect you from injury and build important control to improve your performance. Make sure you realize that core control differs from core strength.

Core Control is the bodies ability to control individual spinal joints, thus protecting the central nervous system, allowing the extremities to do more work and better movement patterns.

I'm not worried about most gymnasts core strength because they do so much work in the gym. I am worried about their ability to control their bodies outside of abdominal splinting. This means that gymnasts can easily protect themselves with their six pack when they are in hollow, but when they get into neutral spine or extension of the spine, many times their bodies are in danger of injury because they've never trained control in this position.

It's not incredibly hard to learn this protection, but it's important to do it every day and once learned, it's...

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3 Reasons Games Can Be the Best Teachers

Welcome back to another Gymnast Care Podcast.

Today we have a chat with none other than the Game Master, Michelle Kocan! She has made teaching children through games art and teaches the basic control that we espouse here at Gymnast Care.

Landing, core control, and proper movement, all while young gymnasts have a great time! So if you want to pick up some great information on how you can teach children amazing life skills by utilizing games, then this podcast is for you. She is also giving away her Conditioning for Pre-school Gymnastics right here:

So Michelle wants you to have her games for gymnasts.

There are two pdf files that are fairly large but you can find them by clicking on the picture of each one below. Conditioning for Preschool Gymnasts Around the GYM in 180 Games 

Now that you have that great information, you might want to ask Michelle a question. You can leave a comment here in the comments below, or you can shoot her an [email protected]

You can also check out Michelle's past articles here at the Tumbl Trak...

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We're Talking About A Revolution

On today's show we're welcoming back Dr. Dave Tilley and we're talking about some great content.

There is gold packed in this session.

Drs. Dave and Josh get deep in this session on what are favorite topics are from the Revolution, and they drop some incredible information that you can start using in the gym today!

Don't miss out on this amazing podcast and head over the to sign up for your spot!

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Part of The Team Even When They're Injured

Have you ever wondered what to do with your gymnasts when they get injured?

How do they stay part of the team? Well, in this session of the Gymnast Care Podcast we get your athlete back in the game...even when they're injured!

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Coaches, Help Your Parents Understand Nutrition

Hello and welcome back to another Gymnast Care Podcast!

We're coming to you live from GymCon USA 2015!

Dr. Joshua Eldridge spoke to coaches on Helping Parents Understand Nutrition.

Coaches have a difficult job because they specialize in teaching kids about the sport of gymnastics, but they also have to be invested in keeping them healthy. And we all know that nutrition is the key to this! So join us as we get into this presentation from Dr. Eldridge on Helping Parents Understand Nutrition.

Follow along with our presentation slides here, and then check out the resources below.


Resources from the show:

Gymnast Care Nutrition Road Map to Success

Should Gymnasts Eat Dinner Even if It's Late Handout

Leave A Comment

If you have a comment or a question about today's show, make sure you leave it below!

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