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3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Athlete Through Puberty



Puberty can be an extremely difficult time for your athlete.

Their body is changing. There are hormones coursing through their body, and sometimes, you might even think an alien came and replaced your child with a totally different person!

On top of this, there is also a greater risk for injury because of all the changes that are taking place.

Because of the changes, this is the time that we have to get back to the basics and continue building a strong foundation. If your athlete hasn't yet gone through puberty, then getting the foundation solid is where you need to start.

1. Remember The Athlete Pyramid

The Athlete Pyramid allows us to focus on what's most important for our athletes.

With the change in appearance to your athlete, there is also a change in physics as they move in the gym, on the field, or on the court. We can't control this change in body shape and size, but we can control our athlete's foundation which is Nutrition & Hydration and Rest & Recovery.

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Get Your Athlete EXCITED For New Food



Have you ever wondered why your athlete isn’t excited about new food? In fact, you might have even given up on her trying something new!

In our Nutrition = Performance Seminar, we’ve seen so many young athletes start trying new food, because of 3 main reasons.

You might be thinking, this sounds too good to be true!

Well, let me add something to the mix. You can have a FREE Nutrition = Performance Seminar at your gym or athletic organization. It’s free and it’s life changing for so many families.

Why wait? Get your gym signed up now! Send me a message at [email protected]

3 Reasons Athletes Will Start Trying New Food

1. They see themselves as an athlete

Many young athletes don’t understand the importance of great food. They think chicken nuggets and candy will be there to fuel them to greatness. As we all know, that kind of food will not fuel their greatness.

When they learn about what kind of food they should be eating, and why they should...

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What Your Athlete Wants To Know About Nutrition


This week we answered some amazing questions that we received during our most recent Nutrition = Performance Seminar.
WOW! You can really see what your athletes are thinking and you'll learn so much from this weeks video.
We're offering FREE Nutrition = Performance Seminars this summer and we want you to be a part. If you want this life changing event in your gym or with your athletic organization, just send me a message at [email protected]
Check out this amazing email we just received from Antonia, our newest Seminar host:
Thanks! It has been such a great week! Kids coming in telling me what they had for breakfast or what vegetables they ate for dinner last night, and parents absolutely amazed at how their kid is trying a new vegetable or asking to go shopping for healthy food.  
It really made an impact. I just hope we can keep this momentum going!  
Most of the really excited kids...
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Top 3 Steps To Great Sleep



Welcome back to Sleep Week! Today we’re talking about the best strategies to make sure your athlete gets the sleep they need.

In our first video we discussed the importance of sleep, and in our second video we talked about the dangers of lack of sleep, but today we talk about the most important topic:


Let’s get into the top 3 steps that we’ve identified.

1. Sleep Routine

As a parent, I know it will be nearly impossible to go to bed every night at the same time, but it is possible to create a great routine that will help your athlete prepare their mind for sleep. A wind down routine will also help them get the best sleep possible.

A nightly sleep routine might look like this:

  • Electronic device off and not in room
  • Brush Teeth
  • Mobility routine
  • Relaxing ritual
  • Time with mom and dad
  • Prayers and thankful thoughts
  • Lights out

A sleep routine like this can really get your athlete’s mind ready for bed and help them fall asleep.


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DANGER: Lack of SLEEP in Young Athletes



In today’s video, we’ve identified 3 devastating issues that can occur when your athlete isn’t getting the recommended amount sleep.

1. Cognitive Impairment

Cognitive impairment means that the brain has a decreased ability to process information. Some studies have even shown that lack of sleep is the same as being impaired by alcohol.

Here’s one of the biggest issues with cognitive impairment…many of your athletes are doing intense work in gymnastics, football, soccer and dance.

We need their brains working at 100%!!!

They need to be mentally in the game, and they just can’t do it when they don’t have the recommended amount of sleep.

2. Decreased Immune Response

Not getting the recommended sleep amount will increase your athlete’s chance of getting sick.

If they’re sick, they’re not practicing. If they’re not practicing, they’re not getting better. We need them as healthy as possible because their...

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Welcome to Sleep Week!



Here's The Deal

Sleeping is the most important part of Rest & Recovery.

Most parents think that sleep is negotiable, and say things like, it's OK if they don't get the sleep they need tonight.

But even one night with a lack of sleep can cause serious cognitive (concentration, processing ability) impairments. It's very similar to your athlete going to school and practice after becoming legally impaired.


Why?!? Because it's dangerous.

It's the same with sleep, but we don't mind negotiating with our athlete's health when it comes to sleep.

So this week, we're talking about how important sleep is, and we've put together 3 critical videos, and on Saturday during our Sports Performance Academy presentation, we'll be helping you and your athlete succeed with SLEEP.

How Much Do They Need?

Our young athletes under the age of 12 years old need 10-12 hours of sleep. If your athlete is over the age of 12 years old, they need 8-10...

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Summer Nutrition: It's Going To Be Hot Out There




Because of this, your young athlete will be under a lot of stress, but you can totally take care of them when you feed them the right food at the right time.

Many of your athletes switch from afternoon to morning practice or they might even go for the entire day. Before, you were using the Road Map to Nutrition Success, but now, it's all switched up.

Takeaways From Today's Video

  1. Eat enough food
  2. Drink enough water
  3. Get enough rest


Breakfast now becomes an incredibly important meal because it is not only breaking the nightly fast, it's also your athlete's pre-workout snack.

It's going to be important to have your athlete wake up a few minutes early (30-60 minutes before practice) to get this important meal into their body. Stick with proteins, carbs, and fats for every meal and make sure it is a meal that gives them great performance before their practice.

Mid-workout Snack

The mid-workout snackstays the same, fruit, but you can mix...

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Can Your Athlete Be Skinny (or have a 6 pack) And Still Be In Trouble?



I bet you think that because your athlete is skinny, or they have a six pack, they are as healthy as they can be.

Well, I’m here to tell you, many of your athletes are in big trouble.

The Building Blocks

Think of your athlete as a pyramid. There’s a wide base and it moves up to a point. The base of the pyramid is made up of the most important components of their athletic life. This base is nutrition and hydration. It’s what all of the other components of their athletic career are built upon.

As with any structure, we want the base to be the strongest portion of the building. It’s the foundation, the rock.

In the Bible there’s a great parable that talks about the foolish man that built his house on the sand. When the rains came, which in life means the hard times, the house just washed right away.

This is what’s going on with your athlete’s foundation. It’s not structurally sound because you’ve built it with horrible...

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Is Sugar BAD For Your Athlete?



I see athletes eating junk every day, and it makes me very worried because many times they’re eating simple sugars instead of the vital nutrients that they need.

Here’s the truth: Sugar is vital for an athlete to succeed in their sport.

Sugar is what drives the movement of muscles and the function of the brain.

Here’s the catch, getting the right sugar into your athlete’s body can be the difference between incredible success, and incredibly painful injury.

Sugar is the base unit of carbohydrates. Simple sugars are sugars that have nothing else associated with them. This type of sugar is found in the white processed table sugar and white bread. So what is it that makes this so bad for our athletes?

There’s no complexity, fiber, or micronutrients that go along with this type of sugar.

Complex carbohydrates have multiple sugars in a chain and it takes the body longer to break this down than simple sugar.

Fiber is the extra stuff found in...

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All In With Nutrition



Getting buy-in from your family can be incredibly tough. So many times I hear parents say, “My kid won’t eat that!”

It’s such a true statement because your young athlete won’t eat that if you haven’t yet come up with a plan to get them involved.

We’ve put together 3 simple steps to get your family involved in nutrition.

So let’s check them out here:

  1. You have to know your why

Knowing why you need to feed your athlete great food is different for everyone. For me, I want to make sure my young athletes are healthy now, and building the blocks needed to pass on great DNA later.

Did you know that what you are feeding your athletes now is affecting your grandchildren and great grandchildren?

That’s a heavy statement but it’s true!

Another ‘why’ is to give my children an advantage at life by giving them the best food and the best nutrition advice available. At Gymnast Care, our overall ‘why’ is to...

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