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Dream Big: Athlete Goals For The New Year


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Set Your Athletes Free With Dreams & Goals

Did you used to have some amazing dreams, but then you grew up and those dreams became impractical?

Me too! I've been there with you as well, but one of the reasons we've made so many advances as a society is we've had people that were willing to dream big.

We can start our goal training with practical dreams, but we want to see you and your family go even further and dream AMAZING dreams! Dreams that might seem unattainable, or even impossible...but they will give you a chance to reach for the stars!

So this week, have everyone in your family sit down, take 5-10 minutes and have a dreaming session. Don't let practicality intervene...DREAM BIG! And by the way, this includes you, parents! 

This Years Goals

Next, let's think of 1 big thing we can accomplish this year. For an athlete, it might be making it to a state competition, or finally making it on the basketball team, or even better, committing to be kinder to your siblings!

Those are all great goals that are practical and doable, and they are most likely going to be that first step towards their big dream.

This bigger vision of what our athletes can do is important because it gives their brains and their spirits something to focus on. 

When they reach them through hard work, and the daily grind, they build self-confidence and they realize they CAN do hard but amazing things. 

Monthly Goals

Now that we have what we want to accomplish this year, it's time to break it down to what we have to do each month. Have your athletes work with their coaches, teachers, or even you the parent on this.

What are the actions steps to get to the goal? If your athlete is trying to make the basketball team for the first time and they need to improve their shot, one of their steps might be shooting more. Your coach might say, you need to make 10,000 shots every single month. This is your's also going to let your coach know you are serious about your goals, and it will give them an automatic accountability partner!

Daily Application

With our monthly goal in place, now we need to focus on what are we going to do each day to make sure our goal happens.

In our example of making 10,000 shots a month, in January we're going to have to make 323 shots per day, but in February, we're going to have to make 357 shots per day. 

We've made these all S.M.A.R.T. goals...we started with a Big Dream, but then we became more practical in our daily application. S.M.A.R.T. stands for: 

Measurable w/Measurement

Wrapping It Up

We're about to take on a whole new year, and even more exciting, a whole new decade! 

Let's take advantage of this amazing gift of time that we've been given and let's make the most of it. Let's dream big, but also break it down to what we need to do every single day to be successful.

Parents, don't just tell your athletes to do this...DO IT WITH THEM, and be the example of what you can dream about, and accomplish in this new decade!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below...we'd love to help!


Quotables From This Weeks Episode

Set some goals as a family this year

Dream Big

Maybe it's been a while since you've sat around and dreamed about your future

Let's take 10 minutes to imagine and write down a big dream

What can you do this coming year that is amazing?

Push yourself!

What am I going to do each month to reach my goals?

We need to break it down to monthly goals so we can achieve our dreams.

Big dream >> This Year's Dream >> Each Month's Goal >> Daily Action Steps

I'm filling out my Sports Performance Mindset Journal each day

Look at your dreams every single day so you stay focused

Let their goals be their idea.

It's going to give them amazing self-confidence when they set up and achieve their own goals.

The New Year is coming, let's set amazing goals!

Full Transcript


Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 00:00 Welcome back to a Sports Performance Academy video. Today we're talking about goal setting because we're getting ready for the new year. I want to help you help your young athlete set goals for this coming year and for the future. I think so many times we get, especially as parents, we kind of impose the way we want our kids to think sometimes and sometimes we just gotta let them go free. Let them dream, let them imagine things, let them do whatever their little heart is thinking about to do when they get older or throughout the year or their sports dream. I want you to set your athlete free this year and help them set some really cool goals. Now we've got some shapes up here on the board and we're going to go over how I want you to think about letting your athletes set up some goals this year and do it as a family. This is fun for you too and we're going to start off right over here and this on right here. The first one, I'm just going to say dream big.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 01:14 The first thing I want to you and your family to do is dream big and parents maybe as been a little while since you sat around and you've just thought, what can I do that's just going to be amazing? What can I do when I grow up? Right? What can I do and change my life and imagine what my life is going to be like and and the end of this year, in three years and five years, this is what I can accomplish now. One of the things that I never did was, especially once I got a little bit older out of elementary and middle school, I never really dreamed big. I think this is something that held me back as an adult was I didn't think about all the amazing things that I could do, but you know what I do now? I dream big. I think about big thoughts, big things that I can do with my future, what my family can do, what I can do as far as sports performance Academy, where we can go, how many, how many families can we help?

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 02:19 I dream about those things because I think that's really fun and I think it's something that you can do as a family and something that you can sit around and just say, Hey, let's all take five minutes or 10 minutes and let's go in the room by ourselves. Here's a piece of paper. I want you to write down something amazing that you either want to do with your life or something that you want to do this year. Just a big dream that would just be amazing and your athletes are going to come back and some are going to be like, I want to be in the Olympics and some are going to say I want to play pro basketball. I want to play pro soccer, I want to go to Duke or I want to go to this school or that school. And you're like, wow, that is really cool cause you're going to get an insight into your athlete that you've never seen before.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 03:04 Maybe they're doing gymnastics right now and they're, they're four foot six and they're like, I want to play basketball at division one level. You know? Maybe that's something that you're like, Whoa, all right. Didn't really see that one coming, but maybe they're thinking that way and you only even know when it's a way that you might get a great insight to how your athlete is thinking and it's just a way that we can dream big. I think this is the first step when we set goals for this coming year and the new decade, right? That's coming up. We can say let's dream big family and sit around and do that. Put that on a piece of paper and keep that cause I think that's a really big deal. We can do this. We can go to the next one and we can say family, what do we want to accomplish this year?

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 03:56 What's our this year goal? What are we going to do this year? What's some of the things that we can do to really make this year amazing? What's one thing that you want to accomplish? Maybe we're coming up on a big season and your athlete is like, I want to make to state, I've never done that before. I've never made it to state. Or maybe your, your, you know, your kid is like, Hey, I want to make it onto the basketball team. I've been working hard. I just haven't made it there. Or maybe even some of your athletes are like, I want to get straight A's and this year. Right? How cool would that be? Just to see that star light up for what they want to accomplish this year? And this is another, we got our big dream here and this one's just like it. It's just a big dream for this year.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 04:50 What can we do this year that's gonna that's just going to be fun. That's going to be amazing. That's something that I can really dream about, but it's also something that's, that's I can do, right? This one might be a few years out, but this one, it's big, but it's something I can do this year. And so this is a lot of fun to look at too. You're going to get a lot of insight into your athlete this way too. Then what we're gonna do is we're gonna say, okay, we've got this goal now what do we need to do each month to make that happen?

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 05:29 And let's say your athlete is, is saying, Hey, I want to be on the basketball team. And they're like, what do I need to do to make that team this year or this coming year? Well, one of the things that they're going to have to do is it might be they want to, they want to make a hundred shots or they want to make Turner shots or they don't want to make 300 shots each day. So then we don't do multiply that times 30 and it would be, you know, somewhere around 6,000 shots or, or 9,000 shots, whatever you're doing for that, for that month. This is how many I need to do. So maybe I need to make 9,000 shots per month. Now we've kind of broken it down. We've made it a little bit more specific. We've made a measurable, right? That's the smart goal system. We made it achievable, relevant, and there's a time to it because we're doing it each and every month. We started here and we are dreaming. We dream some more, but we made it kind of, this is something big that I want to do. And now I started bringing out, he said this is how I'm going to get there and this is, this is something that might take a week process to get there. And then what I do is I just say I got my monthly goal. Now I want to set up my daily poll.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 06:54 So I go big dream what I want to do this year, how am I going to get there each month? And I got to set up my, my daily dream. Okay, I hit my 300 shots every day. Maybe if you're a gymnast, you know, I want to make it to state this year. I got to work on this skill every single day or I need to go and make sure I fill out my pre workout list. So I make sure I'm more focused. And then, you know, that's my day thing each month. I'm just saying, Hey, I'm not going to miss more than two days of filling my mindset journal out prior to that to go into practice. So I'm getting my mind shot, my mind, my mind shot, right, my mind, my mindset right before I go to practice, I want to make sure I do that at least 18 out of the 20 times I'm a gym this month, but I'm just making it so that I'm able to focus more.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 07:52 I'm getting more involved. I set these goals, I'm going to achieve them and this will I got to do, and here's the key to all of this that we're talking about. I'm going to look at this every single day. I'm going to have it in front of me when I do my mindset journal in the morning, I'm going to look at this and I'm going to say I can make this happen. So what I want you to think about doing is one of the things we talked about last month in was sports performance Academy. That's where we go every single month and we talk about something special for your athlete to accomplish this month and to you as parents to do this month to help your athletes succeed in sports and what we talked about last month was that mindset. You heard me say that mindset journal for this so critical cause my kids do it every day.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 08:41 I think that's an important part of really focusing the mind, especially for practice and school, but we get this into place and then we set that mindset and every single day when they fill out their mindset, they're also looking to looking at their goals and seeing, Hey, this is what I want to do. I told myself this is what I want to do. I can do this. I can make this happen. I'm going to focus on this today. And that's where you set your athlete free because it's their idea. None of this you came up with don't don't help him with these big dreams. They'll help all with what they want to do. Let it be their idea, let them take it, let them focus on it. Let them run with it and then see them put it into place and it's going to happen. It's going to give them some amazing self-confidence when they accomplish their goals that they set and you set it up for them.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 09:34 So this month in the Sports Performance Academy, we're going to be talking more about goal setting and we're going to have our goal setting sheet that's going to be there for you and your athletes. I hope that you join us in there. It's something that we go live every month. We answer your questions. We have a Facebook group where we can go in there and we post things and we talk about things and that is all part of the sports performance Academy. Hope you join us. It'd be fun to have you there with us growing as a parent, growing as an athlete, asking questions about keeping your athletes healthy, increasing their performance, and also working on things like recovery and movement. So until next time, my name is dr Joshua Eldridge with the Sports Performance Academy. I hope you guys have an amazing week. You're working on your goals. You're starting to think about this because the new year is coming. We'll see you next time.


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