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For Success, Maximize Your Athlete's Sleep



Does your family get enough sleep? Or do you often wake up tired? I know I’ve been in the not enough sleep camp before…but it’s not a good place to be, so I want to give you a few helpful tips on how to maximize sleep. 

Sleep is critical. It will help increase your athlete’s performance in their sport, helps them get ready for school, and helps clear their mind, both physiologically and mentally. It’s like a mental reset that we really need to take full advantage of.

Start by knowing how much sleep your kids need:

  • Under the age of 12, they need 10-12 hours of sleep each night.
  • Over the age of 12, they need 8-10 hours of sleep each night. 

These recommended hours of sleep needed are Non-Negotiable if you want your athlete to be successful. Athletes that get 6 or less hours of sleep increase their chance of injury by over 70%. That is a shockingly high chance for injury! I definitely don’t want to risk that for my kids, and I’m sure you don’t either! So let’s help our kids get the recommended amount of sleep they need every night. 

  1. Make it the same EVERY night- set a routine, should be about 15-25 minutes, let your body relax and wind down.
  2. Have a CHECKLIST- (example below)
  • Shower
  • Brush/floss teeth
  • Mobility work, breathing
  • Read non-fiction
  • Prayers
  • Sleep (eyes closed)
  1. No DEVICES/PHONES once the checklist starts- multiple studies have shown that having your phone in your bedroom while sleeping will decrease your quality of sleep. Just set the habit of charging it overnight outside of the bedroom. Challenge your whole family to get in on this, and set up a central charging station in a common location (living room, family room, etc.)


#1 Takeaway:

Use the CHECKLIST every night!

Download our sweet dreams checklist. Have your athlete fill one out, and fill one out for yourself as well. You can find the checklist at

It’s so important to understand how important sleep is (especially for your athlete), and how critical it is to get the recommended amount. Make it a priority tonight, for your athlete’s sake!

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Full Transcript

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 00:00 All right. Welcome back to another special presentation My name is Dr. Josh. I like to help families, athletes and parents develop great habits so they can become a success not only in their sport, but also in life as they build those habits that really take them further. Right? Have you guys ever had a time when you're just not getting enough sleep as a family? Maybe you're waking up super tired, lots of overuse injuries. You're dragging throughout the day. You don't come two o'clock in the afternoon, you're just ready to crash. You know what? I've been there too. I've seen so many athletes been there. You know, they'd been there and they go into practice and they're just struggling by the time that after noon comes around and I want to help you with that, and today we're talking about how to maximize your athletes sleep.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 00:50 How do we get the most out of that time after dinner that they're going to sleep and their bodies are recovering? Sleep is critical. It helps to increase your athlete's ability in the gym. It helps them get ready for school the next day. It also helps to clear out all the junk and their mind, both physiologically and also mentally. It really helps to renew their mind. It's such an important thing. Sleep. So we gotta make sure we're maximizing that when we have the opportunity, right? Just real quick. Under the age of 1210 to 12 hours of sleep over the age of 12 eight to 10 hours of sleep, that is non negotiable. You cannot say, Hey, I'm going to give my athlete an extra Apple and they're going to sleep an hour less. Nope. Doesn't work. They have to get the recommended amount of sleep if they're going to be successful.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 01:42 If your athlete only gets six hours of sleep, they are, they are over 70% likely to have an injury in the next 21 months, over 70% that's crazy. That's almost guaranteed they're gonna get an injury. Let's not even go there. Let's keep them safe. Let's keep them doing the right things. All right, so let's look at this. Let's see how we're going to maximize and max out that sleep every single night. We're gonna make it the same every night. That's our first step out of three. We make it the same every night. Now your athletes not going to be able to go to bed at eight o'clock every single night. They're not infants. You can't just put them to bed and expect them to go to sleep. They have a lot going on in their life, including homework projects. Maybe they have competitions and sometimes they'd go to bed at nine 45 sometimes I go to bed at nine sometimes at eight 30 sometimes at eight 15 a lot of times at eight o'clock right?

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 02:37 That's when we like them to go to bed, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for them to do their extra work, but it still has to be the same process every single night. So what I mean by that is a set of routine, the getting into a routine every single night. Maybe it starts with a shower, then it goes to your teeth, and then to then to some mobility working. Then you read a little bit, then you do your prayers and you go to sleep. That would be a great routine. And that takes about 15 2025 minutes, but the body's really starting to get relaxed. You're doing things like diaphragmatically breathing in that mobility session that just brings you down, let you be thankful for what the day had for you, and then you're able to close your eyes and your brain's already on its way down instead of up all around, right? So we're making it the same every night. Now how do we make it the same every night? We have a checklist.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 03:38 Now, this is a great one that's recommended by tons of the sleep experts and asleep foundations out there, right? And so I have mine right here. It's called the sweet dreams checklist. And it's actually when I gave you that example and maybe the same every night. That's exactly what I do. So I've got my checklist. Start time starts at nine 20 I shower, I teeth, I floss and I brush. I go into my mobility and the last thing I work on is that breathing. So that good diaphragmatic breathing that we talked so much about. Then I read a nonfiction book because I don't want to get all excited and reading in an action book, right? So read nonfiction for 15 minutes. Say my prayers, like go to sleep and that is my checklist, right? It's such a great thing to do. Pilots use it to take off, they use it to taxi down the the the taxi way to the runway.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 04:29 They use it in flight. They use the checklist to land because it's a critical component of your life if you're flying right, you don't want a pilot winging it cause they're going to forget something. Just like, I don't want your athlete for getting something or you as a parent for getting something on your way to sleep and then you're not able to wind down properly. All right? So have a checklist and use it. And the last one, number three, no devices or phones. Once a check list starts. There's been so many studies that say if the phone's in the bedroom with whoever's sleeping, they're going to have a degradation of the sleep patterns and we don't want that. It's going to get them excited prior to bed. You know they're going to read something from a friend and be like, Oh, I can't believe she said that, or he said that. Or look at that great outfit they're buying. Just get worked up. If they take that phone into their bedroom with them, and that's what the studies say is, don't even have it in the bedroom with you. It should be charging someplace else, not there. So that is critical. And I want to see your athlete getting the best sleep possible. That means phones stay outside the bedroom, right? So here is our number one takeaway from today is use the checklist every night.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 05:54 And this is what I want you to do. I want you to download this. Got a better one that's not so much black on here that you can download right now. And the black just takes up all the ink in your printer. So we got one that just has the sweet dreams checklist up top. You can fill it out tonight when I would suggest doing for you as a parent and have your athletes fill out their own. That's what we did in our house this school year so that our athletes can follow along and get ready for sleep each and every night. So do that posted down below in the comments. I would love to see it. Now. Where do you find this checklist? This is part of our sports performance Academy and this is where we talk to parents and we teach parents about how to become amazing and how did it help your athletes succeed in sport with these very hard topics like sleep, we're there every month giving you a new training and we also do trainings for your athletes so they can learn such a critical component.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 06:54 And we do the hard stuff and we teach the hard stuff that a lot of people don't want to teach or, and you get to learn it and you get to implement it in your life. It's difficult, but you can do it and that's what we're there to help you with. Right. So download, you can go over to this where we have the notes for this one, right? Our site over at sportsperformance.academyc we're going to give that to you as a special gift just for hanging out with us. I want you to fill out that that checklist. I want you to post it below and show us your good night, your sweet dreams checklist, and then do your athletes posts that. Let us know how you're sleeping. If you're sleeping better or if you're still struggling with something. I would love to hear about that. I would love to see your checklist. I'd love to come by and just say, Hey, great job. I'm proud of you, of what you guys are doing and help you out any way I can. All right. Thanks for joining us. My name's Dr Josh. This is And you've been watching another special video that we're putting on for parents and athletes. Have an amazing day.


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