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2 Step Nutrition Success Formula For Your Busy Family


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Have you ever wanted to feed your family the right food, but not even make it a whole week before winding up back in the fast food line? Maybe you know how important it is to get great quality food into your athlete, but you don't take the time to write down what's on the plan for this week?

Not making nutrition a priority is extremely common and it's why so many of our athlete's are struggling to progress, and to stay healthy. 

Here's our success formula to make sure your mindset surrounding nutrition is right on track!

1. Get Ultra-Focused On The Importance Of Nutrition

What we focus our attention on becomes our priority. Not only is nutrition vitally important to your athlete's health, proper nutrition will make your athlete a better student. It will also give them the energy they need to be amazing when playing their sport. 

You have to decide that nutrition is critical to you and your athlete. If you have the mindset that, "Yah, I'd like my athlete and family to eat healthy, but I'm so busy, it'll be fine to eat out again," then great nutrition will never happen.

If you know that nutrition is the most important thing (along with sleep) to your athlete's health, you will succeed because it will become your priority.

Here's how we keep nutrition top of mind:

2. Plan For Success

What you plan becomes your priority. 

If you're not doing something simple right now like giving your athlete fruit for a mid-workout snack, and you want to make it a priority, then you have to plan for it now. 

Take out a piece of paper and make a heading of the days of the week, Monday-Friday. Under each day, write down what fruit you are going to send with your athlete to practice. 

Now, post it on the fridge! It's that simple. Try this out for a couple of weeks. Then, add a new meal to the plan. Soon, you'll be jotting down all of the meals your athlete needs to succeed.

#1 Takeaway

Know the importance of nutrition, and write down a plan to make sure it happens.

This isn't easy, but you've got this! If you need help or you want to go deeper to learn more about nutrition, click here to check out Stay Fueled: Nutrition for Busy Families. It's the guide you need to get started or to level up your nutrition game.

You've got this, and we'll be here to help. Leave any questions or concerns you have in the comments below!

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Full Transcript

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 00:00 Hey, what's going on? My name is Dr. Joshua Eldridge and I want to welcome you back to this special nutrition presentation. Today we're talking about a very special success formula to help out busy families. Now, well, I want you to know this isn't like step by step. This is what you do as busy families. We're going to talk about the overall picture of a thought process that you need to have as a family. Now, this is different than most of ours because mostly, you know, we go through the roadmap to success. We lead you all the way through what you should do every day. But that stuff doesn't mean anything if we don't have our mindset right? We gotta get the mindset right and then we can jump in to the practical everyday things and listen, I know you are busy, you're running all over the place.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 00:56 You're here, you're there, you're picking up your kid at eight o'clock from, from practice. Maybe it takes you an hour to get home and then you're trying to make dinner. You're trying to get everything done. You're trying to get ready for school. The kids are trying to do homework, go to sleep, and then you're waking it up and you're doing it all over again. The next day I, I feel for you. I'm there with you. I'm in the trenches on this one. I know what it's like and I know that it's not easy, but if we can pull off this success formula, we can do it together and you know what I know to be here to help you. That is my job as your guide is it's to help you get through some of this stuff so that you can be amazing and you can do amazing things, right? So I'm here for you. Let me know your questions. Let me know how I can help you succeed even further. All right, I'm looking forward to this. Let's jump right in with number one of our, of our success formula, you have to be ultra focused,

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 02:11 On nutrition,

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 02:21 It's so important. This is it right here. We have to lay down the wall with ourselves first. That nutrition is important to our family. Now, are you going to make mistakes? Are you going to wind up in the fast food line? You know what you are, are you gonna you don't have a birthday party and have cake and you're like, Oh, I don't know if this is the best for my kids. It's going to happen. It happens to us. It happens to me. You know, I get that and I understand, but I want your mindset to be, I want you to decide right now. I want you to just say, you know what? This is important to me because I know it's important to my young athletes future, not just now, but for the rest of their life and according to studies. It's not just your athletes life, it's your grandkids and your great gearing kids lives that you're feeding right now.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 03:17 So this is so important and I hope you make that decision right now. And you say, dr Josh, I am going to get ultra focused on nutrition and knowing that this is important for my athletes. So we're making a change in our mind and we're just saying, Hey, this is important to us. So it's time to go to work. It's not just pie in the sky kind of stuff. It is, Hey, I can do this. Now. You might be thinking, Hey, Dr. Josh, you know, I'm getting ultra focused. I want to think about this. How do I make those changes? And that's a great question. And that's part two of our formula, right? Number one is we get ultra focused on this whole thing. And then number two, we're saying plan for success.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 04:18 So we're focused and now we're planning, and this might be something super simple, right? Maybe what you do is you say, well, I haven't been adding enough fruit into my athletes lives. I have not been sending him to practice if they have a like a mid workout snack, I have not been sending them with fruit. So what I'm going to do this week is I have to do a little chart. I'm going to say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to say for Monday, I'm gonna do an Apple. Tuesday a banana, Wednesday, let's go with grapes. Thursday, let's go with a pair. And Friday, let's go back to our Apple.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 05:15 This is how simple it is right here, right? We picked one thing, we're ultra focus, so we know, Hey, this is what I need to be doing to be successful. We're ultra focused on that. And then we say, I want to make a plan for success and I wanted to do is I know I've been listening, Dr. Josh, we've got to make sure we have fruit for our mid workout snack. I haven't been doing this. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to add it to the plan this week and maybe this is the first time you've ever plan is just say I'm gonna give them fruit for that snack. I know. Really go the extra mile this week and we're going to add this because we've never done it before. So we do something really simple and we say Apple, banana, grapes, pear, Apple, and that's what we're doing this week.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 06:04 And you know what? Me and you, we high five because this is a huge success cause you've done the success for formula. You said, what do I need to fix and this is how I'm fixing it. That's how we're ultra focused on this whole nutrition thing. We just look at the little things. We don't have to make the whole change today because there's no way you'll get overwhelmed, right? You just can't do it. But maybe you say, Hey, we've been going to the fast food restaurant three times a week and we, I know not only, this is a bad example from athletes, it's bad for the bodies. So what we're going to do this week is instead of going to the fast food restaurant, cause we know it's not the best for them this week we're going twice to the fast food restaurant. We're going to replace one meal with a really good quality meal that we make at home.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 07:01 Maybe since we're in the nutrition masterclass with dr Josh, we're gonna go ahead and we're going to do one of those meals for the busy family, you know, and the nutrition masterclass. We got a whole section just with recipes and ideas to help busy families. So that's there for a resource for you to check out if you need to, but we're going to add that to the plan. So maybe that's Wednesday night. You're super busy on Wednesday night. That meals ready for you when you get home. It's delicious. It's homemade. It's made with great ingredients. All right, two step formula for success. Figure out what's going on that's not right and we make a plan to fix it. We're going slow this week or this month. We're doing little things. We're adding the fruit. We're taking away one night out at fast food. We're looking at lunch and maybe we're adding some really good stuff and to their lunch.

Dr. Joshua Eldridge: 07:58 Maybe you're looking at a pre-workout snack. We've never done that before. Now we're adding in half of peanut butter and banana sandwich on Dave's killer bread because it's something that we can do to really be effective with our young athletes. All right, two step formula. Let's make it happen. Get focused on what's important. Nutrition's important. Let's get focused on the little parts of nutrition that we know we can change. Make a plan, make it happen. I got faith in your parents. You guys can do this. It's not easy. I understand that making a plan is not easiest. One more thing to add to your schedule, but if we do it right, we're going to see a success with our young athletes and that as parents is what it's all about. We get to see our athletes do amazing things, not only on the field or the court or in the gym. We get to see it every day in the life, in school, at home with their friends cause they are a different person. So keep up the hard work. Let's do it. Athletes, if you're listening, help your parents out. Remind them, let's plan. Let's do this. Let's get our mid workout snack. Let's get our pre-workout snack. Mom and dad, we've got to work as a family to be amazing. I've got faith in you guys. Keep up the hard work and we're going to see you next time right here at





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