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Through all of our years working with gymnasts and athletes, these were the 3 most visited pages. There's a ton of great content her for you and your athletes!

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Heel Pain

Is your gymnast or athlete struggling with heel pain, also known as Sever's disease?

This can be devastating for your athlete and keep them from doing what they love. 

Get them back in the game! We've got the worlds number one solution that has helped thousands of athletes get back to the sport they love.

More About Heel Pain Here
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Hip Pain: 

Stretching is not the answer

Your athlete is either having hip pain, or their coach is stretching them so much that they get hip pain on a regular basis. 

So you might be wondering, "How do I make sure this doesn't happen, or cause more pain."

It's not about stretching, it's about providing the right environment to optimize mobility. Check out more here.

More About Hip Pain Here
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Nutrition Resources

Did you read our Amazon Best Selling book on nutrition, Because She's Worth It: A Nutritional Guide for Parents with Daughters, and now you're looking for the resources found inside?

Here they are, plus we have a very special gift for you! 

Thanks for being a part of our team!!!

More Nutrition Resources Here

This is by far the best and most relevant website blog/source of information for a gymnastic’s mom that I have found of yet.

~Jennifer, mom of a 9 year old gymnast

Meet Dr. Joshua Eldridge

Dr. Joshua Eldridge helps parents of athletes understand the importance of nutrition, recovery, and movement so their athlete can succeed in sport now, but also and more important, build habits that last a lifetime. Dr. Josh is the founder of Gymnast Care, the inventor of The X Brace, and the provider to many elite and professional athletes. 

Dr. Josh started his journey with athletes when he was hanging out with his wife Sara while she was coaching gymnastics. Another coach asked Dr. Josh to take a look at a gymnast who was experiencing back pain, and this is where the journey began. 

His journey into helping gymnasts with nutrition began when a gymnast showed up to her state meet having had a donut and energy drink as her pre-competition meal. That day, she blew out her knee, and Dr. Josh knew this had to become a pivotal issue to parents so they see the direct relation of nutrition to their young athlete’s performance. He knew that if these athletes continued to make bad choices, it would not only cause injury today, but they would keep going back to these habits for the rest of their lives. 

Almost every week at Gymnast Care we receive a message from a current gymnast or former gymnast that the teaching of Dr. Josh has changed their lives. But it doesn’t stop there, parents tell Dr. Josh regularly that his teachings have changed their entire families outlook on nutrition. 

Dr. Josh’s most recent book, Because She’s Worth It: A Nutritional Guide for Parents with Daughters became an Amazon #1 Best Seller in the Nutrition Category in its first week; and his first book, Gymnast Care’s Book on Injury rose to #2 in the Gymnastics Category on Amazon. 

He feels that it’s the parents responsibility to make sure their athletes eat the right food at the right time, get the rest they need to succeed, and help their athletes learn mobility strategies to stay healthy. 95% of athletics happens at home and we as parents need to make sure our athletes are doing it right!

Get Dr. Josh's full story here...

The Sports Performance Academy

For parents and athletes that are serious about success not only in sports but also in life. New trainings every month plus one-on-one coaching. 

Your success is dependent on the little things you do each day, and we help you get there with easy to implement actions. 

Check out more here!

Stay Fueled: Nutrition for Busy Families

Don't worry, this isn't about getting a masters in nutrition, this is about getting the foundation right so your family sees enormous success when it comes to nutrition.

This four module course will help you understand nutrition better, develop habits that last a lifetime, and make your life as a parent so much easier! 

There's content for both parents and athletes.

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The most important information we have for you...

Each week, we bring you new and exciting content and this is our lates and greatest information:

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